Focus the Producer Presents the 2014 Exclusive Beat Catalog

"This catalog of exclusive beats is designed to create radio ready production with studio ready mixing for a much less time consuming process. With automatically included track-outs, instant mp3 downloads, 4db of head room for better

recording quality, a royalty free license agreement, free mastering, promotional services and more, the exclusive music production provided at is providing an unmatched service to its clients." -- Focus the Producer

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If you have any questions about the exclusive beats listed below, or if you are having difficulty purchasing call (504)329-0884

A Record Producer on a Mission

Focus the Producer has one mission and one mission only. That is to provide high quality music production, with career consulting and brand marketing to help artists and labels succeed. His music production is fueled by 11 years of experience in the field. You will not find someone more dedicated to providing you with quality musical works.

Focus the Producer; Exclusive Hip Hop Beats; Dirty South Beats; Trap Beats; Rnb Beats; Dance Beats; Pop Beats; Mid West Beats; Custom Made Hip Hop Music Production

Hands on Approach

Focus the Producer has 4 years of experience operating a multi genre recording studio, in which he has created over 500 records, including 7 of his own albums.

Knowing how difficult it is to come out of the studio with great quality Focus the Producer extends his hand to any artist or company that chooses to use his production.

Focus the Producer offers the work of a true record producer. Free mastering, artist development, and project development is available to all those who choose to use his music production on their projects. For more information feel free to call (504)329-0884 today.

Multi Genre Music Production Specialist

Focus the Producer has taken the time to master many different styles of music production. In his music production catalog you can find hip hop beats, dirty south beats, trap beats, r&b beats, pop beats, dance beats, club beats, midwest beats and more. These are not blind folded attempts, but creations based on many years of studying each genre, allowing Focus the Producer to give you the best production possible.

Music Promotion Services

Focus the Producer also owns one of the top indie music promotion companies worldwide. Major Music Promotions has a network of over 13 million potential daily listeners getting indelendent artists the exposure they deserve. From PR work to Social Marketing, this promo company takes care of every artist need in post production planning.


The many benefits of having Focus the Producer create music production from scratch will amaze you. Here are just a few benefits.

Pre-mixed to perfection at -4 db for better vocal recording. (Your music will sound better than it has ever sounded before)Use the custom beat production guide to select the elements of your beat.Live over the phone ordering, no emails!Review your custom made beat before you accept the final product.Delivery in less than 7 days guaranteed.You get to choose from many different genres, and formats. You even get to choose your own favorite instruments to be included in the beat. You select all aspects of the production process and make the beat just the way you want.

For more information on ordering custom beats contact Focus the Producer

Phone: (504)329-0884


Focus the Producer; Exclusive Hip Hop Beats; Dirty South Beats; Trap Beats; Rnb Beats; Dance Beats; Pop Beats; Mid West Beats; Custom Made Hip Hop Music Production